Improve RAM Performance on Android * If you use an Android smartphone and sometimes your phone feels slower than the usual slow, there is the possibility of the capacity of RAM (random access memory) the phone is getting narrower.

Just to note, RAM is used to store various data from applications that are still active. That way, the application can be accessed quickly by the processor. It can be said, RAM is a temporary storage space that allows users to access many things and make the smartphone so multitasking.

Improve RAM Performance on AndroidImprove RAM Performance on Android

Therefore, if the capacity of RAM increasingly narrow, the performance of mobile phones in processing user commands more slowly. For example, when you want to open a Facebook application, the process will be slower than usual.

So, what can be done to overcome them? Here are some tips on making RAM more relieved.

1. Disable Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Personalization of the smartphone by adding widgets and live wallpaper does make the phone look more personalized. Even so, widgets and live wallpapers spend RAM space. Instead of being faster, often refreshing the device actually drains the battery.Improve RAM Performance on Android

Therefore, the right step to do is limit the use of widgets and disable live wallpaper to optimize RAM.Improve RAM Performance on Android

2. Disable Application

Some applications do use a large enough capacity in RAM, although the application is not in use. Therefore, you can choose which applications should and should not be running in the background. That way, smartphone performance will increase.
To disable the application, you can go to Settings, then select the Application Manager menu. Next, you will enter the entire list of apps installed on your Android.Improve RAM Performance on Android

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Do not try to disable all apps. Try to choose a rarely used application, or if it was never used better to uninstall it.Improve RAM Performance on Android

3. Disable Annimation

Animation often takes up a lot of RAM memory, to disable it you have to go to the Developer option, go to Settings and choose About Phone.
Next tap Build Number about seven times until the phone gives notification that the user has become a developer.Improve RAM Performance on Android

After this section is complete, you can go to Settings phone, then slide down to find Developer Options.
Next, you can go to the Drawing section and turn off the option. Some options that can be disabled include the Windows animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animation duration scale.Improve RAM performance on Android

that’s some tips for Improve RAM Performance on Android


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Saya ini blogger paruh waktu asal Cilacap. Pekerjaan utama saya saat ini hanyalah tukang pijit di salah satu mall di Bogor.

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