The discussion this time is a way to make the computer not slow and work faster.

Follow the steps to make the computer not slow and work faster.

Having a computer that performs very fast indeed be everyone’s dream.

Computers that lack specifications support, quite difficult to make the computer has a tannguh performance.

This is because computer kineja is basically influenced by computer specification.

But actually we can make the computer performance to be stable even though we have been using for years.
There are several things we need to do to keep computer performance stable even though it has been used for years.

make the computer not slow and work faster?

Here are the things that need to be done so that the computer or laptop is not slow:

  • Perform regular cleaning.

Clean / empty recycle bin, clean up the browser, clean registry, temporary files, caches.

The point that needs to be cleaned is the junk file because the file can make the performance of the computer to be slow.

As soon as possible you clean the file so it is not slow.

To make it easier to delete junk files the files can use Tune Up Utilities.

  • Files should not be stored on Local Disk C.

By default all the files that we download will go to Local disk C, this is what can make the computer become slow.

But we can set it to browser / IDM at the time of download automatically stored in Hardisk D or others.

  • Preinstall Unnecessary programs.

Computer performance will be slower if many programs / software installed,

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Especially if the installed programs are heavy-heavy / large.

The installed program will take up quite a lot of memory on the local C / local disk where the data window is overwritten,

That’s what makes the computer slow.

Another case if your program is installed on a local disk other than where windows is installed.

So the conclusion should uninstall pogram / applications that are not very used / not so important.

How to view the list of installed programs on the computer by opening Control Panel \ Programs \ Programs and Features.

  • Avoid using slide show on desktop background.

Indeed, using a slide show on the computer desktop will look interesting, but it will make the computer work harder.

Surely it will affect the performance of the computer.

Applying wallpaper with high resolution can also make computer performance becomes heavy.

So there are two options: a computer that looks cool or a computer that performs fast? Please choose your choice.

  • Apply the classic theme.

Using a classic theme on a computer does make the computer look less attractive,

But can make your computer’s performance faster and lighter.

So what to choose between an attractive display or a fast computer performance? Please set your own.

  • Add or upgrade RAM.

With larger RAM then your computer performance will be faster than before.

So if you have more money you can upgrade your computer RAM.

Maybe that was the first thing I can get the way for the computer not limp and work faster.

My advice is diligent to pay attention to the condition of your computer.

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Saya ini blogger paruh waktu asal Cilacap. Pekerjaan utama saya saat ini hanyalah tukang pijit di salah satu mall di Bogor.


Saya ini blogger paruh waktu asal Cilacap. Pekerjaan utama saya saat ini hanyalah tukang pijit di salah satu mall di Bogor.

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