List of the Most Battery Drain Applications Smartphone

Any sophisticated smartphone you have, if no application will feel empty. An app can make a smartphone much more useful, both to support everyday activities and work needs.

But sometimes, apps make the battery power quickly drained due to various things. For example, the application continues to be active in the background, as it frequently checks for updates or notifications from the server.

Avast as a provider of digital security products released the report ‘Avast Android App Performance & Trend Report Q1 2017’, one of which describes the list of most battery-draining applications.

List of the Most Battery Drain Applications Smartphone

Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Line get into the top 10 most wasteful battery apps, whether running in the background or because of usage. Here is the full list:

Facebook, WhatsApp, dan WeChat merupakan aplikasi utama yang masuk dalam kategori di atas. Untuk mengurangi konsumsi daya baterai, kamu bisa meng-uninstall aplikasi Facebook dan cukup menggunakan versi web.

Samsung’s video editors occupy second place in the list of most battery-draining apps. That’s because the app requires processing resources (CPU) and graphics (GPU) intensively from the smartphone to edit and add effects to the video.

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In this list Spotify, Netflix, and Snapchat are also the most extravagant applications of batteries.

Involving 3 Million Android Users

To note, ‘Avast Android App Performance & Trend Report’ is made based on anonymous data collection amounting to more than 3 million Android users worldwide.

The app data contained in this report covers the period from January to March 2017 and only summarizes apps coming from Google Play, where Avast analyzes a minimum sample size of 50,000 usage.

Gagan Singh, SVP and GM Mobile Business Avast said that industry statistics showed smartphone sales rose 9.1 percent in the first quarter of this year and Android devices continued to dominate market share.

“At any rate, affordable smartphones can provide enough storage capacity to increase application usage levels, which can affect the performance of mobile phones,” he said.

Gagan says, knowing which favorite applications consumes the most battery power, internet data, and storage capacity is so important that users can manage the smartphones used on a regular basis.



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