How to Control Android Remotely with SMS

Currently Android smartphones have become a widely used mainstream gadgets. Hence when Android smartphone missed, it is not impossible if you are upset and feel uneasy.

Just in case if at any time your smartphone is left behind or lost, im will give you a way to control your Android smartphone remotely with SMS. No need internet access. Want to know?

How to Control Android Remotely with SMS

To be able to control Android smartphone with SMS, you need one Control Android Remotely : Android smartphone (which will be controlled) and one handphone anything (not necessarily a smartphone) to send SMS. The way more as follows:

  • Download and install the Memote app on your Android smartphone.
  • Once downloaded, please create a Memote account and complete the tutorials in the application.Control Android Remotely
  • When you’re done, you’ll find various commands and features that can be controlled by Memote.Control Android Remotely
  • To control Android smartphone with SMS, you simply send SMS from other mobile to the number of smartphone installed Memote application in Android.Control Android Remotely
  • The SMS must contain:

[sourcecode]Memote=Your Password Command 1Rule 2[/sourcecode]

  • Tips: If installed Android Memote uses dual SIM, send SMS commands to the SIM card used for internet access.
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Control Android Remotely It’s an easy way to control Android smartphoen remotely via SMS. This way you do not have to worry if at any time your smartphone is lost or missed. Because you can easily secure it.

Good luck!



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