Computer signs are infected with the most dangerous viruses and viruses, Maybe some of you know the signs of a computer virus.

Here I will try to explain common symptoms koputer terjangkit virus. And for how to delete it I will explain at the end of the article.

Computer virus!

Our computer can get the virus for several reasons.

Suppose we access “dirty” sites like porn sites, gambling sites, and sites that illegally upload intellectual property like music or movies.

Yes, the Internet can be a hotbed for viruses, other than that WI-FI network or USB flash disk can also contain the computer’s destroyer.

Sometimes we do not know a site or a disk-free disk because the brand can be silent, not directly show the effect.

However, if only silenced without efforts to overcome it then our computer will be damaged even can die totally.

Data is destroyed even hardware can be damaged by some viruses.

To determine whether our computer is infected by a virus.

How to make delphin virus

Here are 4 Signs of a computer infected with a virus in general:

1. The computer is slowing down

Opening files, accessing apps, even moving the pointer slowly suddenly?

It could be our computer is exposed to the virus.

If we still have a lot of memory and have been turned off then turn on again keep it slow then most likely there is a virus.

2. Crash and freeze

If the computer suddenly freezes or crashes which closes the application by itself.

Then it becomes one of the main signs of our computer infected with the virus.

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3. Error message

When there is a strange message or show an error on the computer screen then it could be a virus.

Also note if any files have strange names.

This can also happen when we surf the internet,

4. Can not be turned on

Yes, some viruses may suddenly thwart hardware so that the computer can not be turned on.

Besides the problem of virus hardware is the reason.

Of course there are still some other signs, but these four main things become the main one when the computer is exposed to the virus.

How to overcome the virus also varied.

from not spreading with caution when surfing the internet or enter the USB.

Using a virus removal tool, to have an anti virus program. (Intisari-online)

The most important thing is actually to update antivirus and Windows.

By doing these two things, you are guaranteed 95% will be safe from virus attacks.

But as knowledge, this is the most dangerous malware:

1. Sality

Computer virus

Are damaging Windows system and our personal data.

One Jaka experience of this virus, quite difficult to remove because the virus mingle with Windows system while attacking our personal data.

In addition, this virus also makes our computer performance to be slow.

2. Kelihos

Computer virus

It is a botnet and sometimes known as Hlux.

The target of this virus is to spam and steal BitCoin.

The most dangerous, is the theft of BitCoin. BitCoin price is very expensive and has skyrocketed to Rp 25 million more.

Imagine you lost that precious BitCoin.

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3. Necurs

Computer virus

Necurs or it could be called Locky, similar like WannaCry or other CryptoLocker.

It will encrypt or hide your data, then request a ransom of BitCoin.

Very famous in the year 2016 ago. And reportedly has attacked more than 500 thousand computers.

4. ZeroAccess

Computer virus

Is a kind of trojan. This virus hides itself in your computer with rootkit technique, then it will download other viruses.

This causes your computer can be infected with many viruses, various kinds. How to make trojan virus.

Surely the computer performance becomes slow and make the operating system is damaged.

5. Mirai

Computer virus
It is a type of botnet that attacks the Internet of Things (IoT).

This virus transforms the IoT device into a botnet troop, after many botnet troops it will launch a DDoS attack.

Even this virus is the biggest DDoS attacker in the world.


Saya ini blogger paruh waktu asal Cilacap. Pekerjaan utama saya saat ini hanyalah tukang pijit di salah satu mall di Bogor.


Saya ini blogger paruh waktu asal Cilacap. Pekerjaan utama saya saat ini hanyalah tukang pijit di salah satu mall di Bogor.

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