When buying a smartphone, you will surely wonder or maybe look for reviews of some of the smartphone chipsets you will buy. This is important, considering the chipset becomes one of the benchmarks for smartphones to be categorized into sooner or later in game play. In addition, knowing the benchmark value of a chipset is also very important. However, it’s good to know in advance what kind of chipset is famous for productivity and gaming on smartphones. Here’s Jaka will love the information about 5 best smartphone chipset for gaming. Check out more!

5 Best Smartphone Chipsets For Playing Games!

1. Intel

Not only special PCs or laptops, Intel also makes chipsets or processors for smartphones. One of the benefits of Intel chipsets is the ability of their dual-core processors that are claimed to be almost the same as quad-core. In addition, the latest chipsets from Intel is Atom X3, staying digadang not wasteful battery and also minimal overheat risk. Some companies that become Intel subscriptions such as Asus, Lenovo, Acer, and Motorola.

2. Snapdragon

Snapdragon became the most common chipset in the market. The chipset is also commonly found on low-end and high-end smartphones. Many believe that Qualcomm’s chipset is very good in terms of performance. Whether it’s for playing games or other multimedia. The latest chipset from Snapdragon is Snapdragon 835 which is equipped with octa-core.

3. MediaTek

In Asia, MediaTek became the largest chipset manufacturer. So no wonder if the smartphone output of Asia on average armed with Mediatek chipset. Many say if MediaTek makes cheap chipsets with poor quality, but they are not. The proof, the company based in China is able to attract big brands like Sony, Oppo, and Xiaomi.

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4. Exynos

Exynos is a chipset manufactured by Korean technology giant Samsung. This chipset is claimed to be able to run HD games without any lag at all. This of course makes smartphone gamers become interested to use Exynos chipset-enabled smartphone. But unfortunately, this chipset is made exclusively for the latest Samsung smartphone output only.

5. NVIDIA Tegra

Not to be outdone, NVIDIA which incidentally is a graphics card manufacturer was also involved to create its own chipset. Quality that no doubt, make Tegra suitable for you who like to play HD games. However, this chipset is only available for tablet devices such as Asus Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Microsoft Surface. That was the best 5 chipsets for you who want gaming smoothly on smartphones. Of course, the ability of the smartphone itself can not be judged from the chipset or processor alone, but from the size of RAM and also its GPU as well. Approximately your smartphone has a chipset? Write in comment field yes!


Saya ini blogger paruh waktu asal Cilacap. Pekerjaan utama saya saat ini hanyalah tukang pijit di salah satu mall di Bogor.


Saya ini blogger paruh waktu asal Cilacap. Pekerjaan utama saya saat ini hanyalah tukang pijit di salah satu mall di Bogor.

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